Corporate Profile

Laughlin and De Gannes Ltd. (LDG) was established in 1949 as a supplier of automotive products, to service the needs of the motoring public. Over the past 70 years, the Company has diversified by adding new products and services to its portfolio. LDG has grown steadily and is now recognized as the leader in the markets in which it serves.

The Company base encompasses individuals and as well as small, medium and large enterprises in almost every sector of the economy. LDG can supply from a screwdriver to a fully equipped workshop or garage. The work-force is skilled and knowledgeable, benefitting from both local as well as foreign certified training that keeps LDG at the forefront of modern technology.

LDG is the authorized dealer of a wide variety of internationally renowned product lines. In order to maintain a high level of specialization, the Company is structured into five separate Business Units, each of which is responsible for the management, growth and development of its specific product lines and most of all ensuring continued customer satisfaction.


To provide the highest quality products and services to all our customers, reaching out to meet their needs wherever they are in Trinidad & Tobago
and by living our motto – Service – The Laughlin and De Gannes way.


Customers are the focus of everything we do. 
People are the source of our competitive strength.
eamwork is our method of operation. 
Continuous Development is essential to our success. 
Open Communication is essential to every process.