Life at Laughlin and DeGannes

Laughlin & De Gannes Ltd. was founded in 1949 by Mr. T. Ben Laughlin and Mr. J. Gaston De Gannes. Laughlin & De Gannes Ltd. from the very start was committed to supplying the highest quality products and excellent customer service. It is this combination that has fueled and kept our customers in a position to take advantage of the latest developments in our ever-changing industry. As a consequence, the Company has been progressively expanding and is now situated in several strategic locations throughout Trinidad.

We also have sales representatives visiting Tobago. Notwithstanding all these achievements, our most valuable asset is our human resource, you, our employees. Because of our staff contributions, we are considered as the No. 1 supply and service Company in the Automotive and Light Engineering Industry. It is this, togetherness and family-like spirit, which has proven to be the formidable force that, has guided our success and expansion in recent times. Our staff makes significant advancements on the road to maintaining the leadership role in what we do. If you think you have what it takes to become one of us, do send us your application for consideration.

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